How does HR benefit my business?

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How HR can help your business grow In any business, human resources are key to success. Good HR management can help a company grow by ensuring that employees are well-trained and productive, and that the company is compliant with all relevant laws. By creating a positive work environment and providing good benefits, a company can […]

How to keep employee data safe

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Employee data is one of the most important pieces of information a company possesses. It can be used to track employee productivity, assess bonuses, and monitor other aspects of employee performance. Many companies have started to use cloud-based storage services to keep this data safe, but even these measures are not infallible. In order to […]

Build a Strategic Framework: Mission Statement, Vision, and Values

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What is a Strategic Framework? A strategic framework is a plan that guides an organisation’s actions and decisions. The framework outlines the organisations goals and objectives, as well as how it will achieve them. It also identifies the resources necessary for success and the risks that need to be considered. A strategic framework can help […]

How to hire a staff member?

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When you are ready to start staffing your business, it is important to consider how you will find the right person for the job.  There are many methods that can be used to find the right employee, but some of the most common ways include advertising, networking, and referrals.  It is also important to be […]