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Hi, we are Chorley Digital - a leading Google Certified Ads & SEO Agency working with some of the best-known brands in the UK.

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  • A certified Google Partner, Chorley Digital has been delivering high-performance SEO and Paid Ad strategies to the UK’s best-known brands for over 10 years, working with clients in high-competition sectors, including sports retail, leisure, and home & garden. Our global team provide SEO & digital marketing strategies that are second to none, ensuring our customers are always the most prominent brands in their sector.

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    We look forward to helping your business grow in 2023!

    Our Services
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    Unbeatable SEO From £200
    We guarantee to increase your business visibility in your target area, boosting your enquiries and revenue.
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    High-Return Digital Ads
    Our team handle campaign budgets from £200 to £200,000 per month, so we guarantee to get the highest possible return from your ads.
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    Digital Design & Development
    With in-house designers & development teams across three countries, Chorley build custom websites and integrate features on all platforms.
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    Custom Social Media Content
    Our studio provides custom video ads for national and local campaigns, creating engaging content that’s designed to convert
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    About Us
    Chorley Digital combine creative ability with technology to grow your business, tailoring a unique digital marketing strategy for every client. We make use of emerging technologies, relentlessly researching new and innovative ways to improve your ability to communicate more effectively with the people you need to reach. Through our use of analytics, we can directly attribute conversions to the services we provide, giving you a clear understanding of which channels provide you the best return on your investment.

    We specialise in high-demand search markets, working with some of the biggest brands in pet supplies, home improvements and cycling industries. Our clients are able to compete using a fraction of the budgets available to their competitors, because we only use techniques that deliver the highest possible return.

    We pride ourselves on creating stunning visuals, crafting the perception of your brand to appeal directly to your target audience. At the very core of our service is research – this allows us to understand the granular details of your business and it’s processes, as well as the preferences and desires of the consumer. As a result, Chorley Digital can optimise the impact of our campaigns and create additional opportunities through creative application.

    All our services are delivered from a single team, applying intelligent creativity to commercial projects, allowing audiences to relate to our clients through meaningful engagement. Everything is created with the Customer journey at the fore. Whether online, in store, or at an industry exhibition, Chorley Digital provide bold, abstract creative that will connect with your target audience, pushing your identity to resonate further. The Chorley Digital Team share one common ambition – to combine artistic endeavour with the latest technology and drive our clients’ businesses through tailored digital marketing strategies to provide the required Return on Investment. We make use of emerging technologies, relentlessly researching new and innovative ways to improve our clients’ ability to communicate effectively with the people they need to reach.
    Our Keypoints
  • High-Performance SEO Specialists
  • Working With Big Brands & Small Businesses
  • Guaranteed Results
  • 30-Day Rolling Agreement
  • No Long-Term Contracts
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    I have a physical office where the apprentice will be based and has access to support from existing staff. This includes if you work in the field but have an office.

    Apprentices working remotely means that they will be working from home for the entirety of their apprenticeship.

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    Customer service roles such as, business admin, customer retail, sales representative etc.
    Supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation and interact with internal or external customers.
    Dealing with customer queries, purchases and complaints.
    Providing customer service products and services for businesses and other organisations including face-to-face, telephone, digital and written contact and communications.
    Helping customers buy products or services from retail organisations such as department stores, garden centres, high street chains, supermarkets and online and mail order businesses.
    Construction industry roles such as, carpentry and joinery, plumbing and domestic heating etc
    Using timber products to create and install building components.
    Fitting and servicing domestic water, heating and drainage systems.
    Installing and servicing a range of domestic and commercial equipment.
    Make and repair upholstered furniture.
    Hair & Beauty industry roles, such as nail technician, hair professional, beauty therapist etc.
    Working as a barber or hairdresser to provide hair cutting, styling and grooming services for men and women.
    Completing beauty treatments as a key part of a beauty business.
    Selling beauty products and helping customers choose which ones to buy.
    Completing nail services on a one-to-one basis with individual customers/clients within commercial timings.
    Hospitality & Service roles such as, hospitality supervisor/mananger, chefs, bakers, etc
    Working across a variety of organisations focusing on ensuring excellent customer experience.
    Preparing food and carrying out basic cooking tasks in every section of a kitchen under the supervision of a senior chef.
    Running a specific section of a professional kitchen, for example, sauces, pastries or fish.
    Carrying out a range of general and specialist roles within hospitality businesses, including bars, cafes, conference centres, restaurants and hotels.
    Web, Marketing & Data roles such as, digital marketer, marketing executive etc
    Use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales.
    Creating content for a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print.
    Helping to shape, support and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager.
    Develop, implement and maintain complete IT solutions such as networks, operating systems and applications.
    Engineering & Mechanical industry roles such as, Electrical & mechanical engineers, vehicle repair etc
    Carrying out a range of engineering operations.
    Providing technical support to engineers and other construction professionals.
    Removing and refitting damaged mechanical and electrical components on a car before and after body repair work has been carried out.
    Carrying out a range of services and repairs to cars, car derived vans and light goods vehicles.
    Team Leaders & Management roles such as, Project management, Team Supervisor, Senior Leader etc
    Leading the care service and managing teams of carers to look after adults with care needs.
    Managing teams and projects to meet a private, public or voluntary organisation's goals.
    Managing teams and projects in line with a private, public or voluntary organisation's operational or departmental strategy.
    Responsible for the marketing activities and strategy of their organisation.
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